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Careers at CHRISTUS Ministry System Office

The CHRISTUS Ministry System Office, located prominently in the Las Colinas Urban Center, serves as the central hub for our not-for-profit health care system. This beautiful 15-story building accommodates over 2,000 CHRISTUS Associates. Designed with careful consideration for functionality and meaning, it features distinctive amenities such as a chapel, heritage center, clinic, café, indoor fitness center and an outdoor fitness lawn. A highlight is the food hall with an alternating menu and inviting outdoor terraces. Every aspect of the building reflects our mission and values, providing spaces for reflection, collaboration, relaxation, healing and revitalization. Art installations throughout the building, along with archival pieces from our nearly 160-year history underscore the profound impact of our ministry across the diverse communities we serve. One of the focal points on the first level is the floor-to-ceiling sculpture Celestial Beams of Unity by Ender Martos, whose three parts represent and honor CHRISTUS’ three Sponsoring Congregations. As CHRISTUS Associates pass this artwork each day, its 365 threads serve as a powerful reminder that they are each an integral thread of CHRISTUS’ commitment to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Careers at CHRISTUS Ministry System Office

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