Professional Development

CHRISTUS Health is committed to supporting the development needs of CHRISTUS leaders and Associates in order to help them realize a greater degree of personal and professional achievement and satisfaction. Associates who are committed to learning and professional development enhance our organization and are better able to support CHRISTUS Health's Journey to Excellence.

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leader program is a three-month virtual program for associates interested in developing leadership competencies as they grow their careers. Participants explore meaningful content focused on personal growth, decision-making, servant leadership, and effective communication. During monthly live learning sessions, participants apply learnings to real-world scenarios and exercise their creative decision-making muscles alongside a peer network.

Leader Foundations Program

The Leader Foundations program at CHRISTUS Health is designed for newly promoted leaders and those new to the organization stepping into leadership roles. This six-month journey combines virtual and in-person learning, equipping new leaders with essential skills, tools, and knowledge. The program focuses on key areas such as effective communication strategies to foster a culture of feedback, delegation techniques, and CHRISTUS competency development. Participants engage in interactive sessions designed to apply new concepts in real-time and join a supportive network of peers transitioning into leadership roles.

Leadership and Ethics Academy

We believe that building a deeper connection to our values creates ethically minded leaders. Programs like our Leadership and Ethics Academy do just that. It’s a nomination-based program that prepares high-performing leaders throughout CHRISTUS Health for executive leadership positions. Participants will sharpen their leadership skills and develop an understanding of organizational strategy, based on CHRISTUS’ mission, vision, and values.

Peer Coaching Circle Program

Peer Coaching Circles help mid-level leaders who have graduated from the Leader Foundations program enhance their leadership skills. In small groups, participants share best practices and gain diverse perspectives that provide expanded solutions to common challenges such as change management, delegation and effective communication.

Physician Leadership Development Program

The Physician Leadership Development Program is a highly selective, year-long program offered every other year. Participants engage in intensives designed to deepen their understanding of CHRISTUS' mission, vision, and values while enhancing their self-awareness to lead more effectively within the system. The curriculum focuses on areas such as physician well-being, healthcare finance, providing effective feedback, and demonstrating leadership courage.

RISE Mentorship Program

Excellence is part of our culture. With programs like RISE, we lift each other up. This nine-month program connects Associates to a committed mentor within CHRISTUS. During the mentorship experience, participants enhance organizational relationships, develop talent and emerging leaders, and build a larger organizational memory.

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