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Telecommunications Specialist I




Information Technology


CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi Shoreline


600 Elizabeth Street
Corpus Christi, TX  78404
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The Telecommunications Specialist I is a strategic position providing the highest level of analytical skill and expertise in Telecomm Networks as well as a tactical position involved with the execution of Telecom operations. The ETS provides expert level of analytical skill and expertise in the area of telecomm expense review and management. This position has extensive expert knowledge and experience in telecomm operations, contract management, trending/capacity and traffic analysis. The ETS expert will provide guidance in the telecomm service orders, business diversity requirements and manage deployments from a technology perspective. They will assist with the translation of business requirements into technical requirements, taking into account the existing infrastructure and the need to integrate new and existing technologies. Ensure that a scalable, telecomm solution is developed that will meet the complex needs of technology systems. Day to day activities include telecom provisioning, billing reviews/disputes, unusual charges, conducting LDUAs, and analyzing Traffic Studies based on peg count, usage, overflows, and trunks in maintenance. This position assists in network optimization by obtaining & auditing Customer Service Records & updating inventory, then using that information to assist in field audits & physical inventories. This position also serves as a resource to the Networking team as a source of site and inventory information, vendor information, contract information, and reports such as audit, expense, & budget reports

  • Telecomm Analytics – Perform complex telecomm analysis of business needs, translates to technical works with Telecomm providers to create service orders
  • Provides insight to ordering products and services in a timely manner consistent with meeting defined intervals
  • Telecomm Expense Management – Handles all first bill reviews to ensure billing is accurate, including review for proper tax status, appropriate fees and surcharges, proper quantity of USOCs, any contract rates are appropriate and not overstated / understated, etc
  • Also ensures proper AP codes for DI entries completed through the system for proper cost allocation
  • Also provides for checks & balances on monthly bills
  • Also ensures monthly bills are accurately billed and coded, and also paid on time with zero late payment fees
  • Technical Operations Management – Works with Telecomm providers for incident and problem resolution to telecomm related events
  • Keeps accurate contact information for vendor repair bureaus as well as escalation procedures, chronic issues procedures, etc
  • Also responsible for accurate list of services complete with circuit IDs, CLLI code information, location information, and other pertinent information
  • Service Records Auditing - Auditing customer service records – audits all customer service records annually to ensure that billing is correct for all services in records
  • This includes correct fees, correct number of USOCs, etc
  • During these audits, pose questions to use during bill audits and physical inventories
  • Check these records against Site Repository, Contract Repository, and Vendor Repository to ensure accuracy
  • Asset Management - Conducting physical inventories – using audited customer service records and bills, physically site survey each site to ensure that the services being billed for are actually in use by CHRISTUS Health facilities
  • Document applications and LCON information
  • Long Distance Analysis - Conducting LDUAs – Scrutinize long distance calls to determine any patterns that might suggest toll fraud, etc, and then refer to appropriate team member for handling
  • Also note specific traffic patterns that may be used for future traffic engineering
  • Analyzing traffic studies – Request regular traffic studies for dial tone services
  • When studies arrive, analyze peg count, usage for P.01 GOS, overflows, and trunks in maintenance
  • Architecture Documentation - Schematics – keep repository of network schematics
  • Update schematics as directed by team members
  • Contract Management – keep repository of contract information including type of service, term, start date, stop date, location(s), etc
  • Devise method of notifying team members of expiration dates at intervals set by team members based on type of service
  • Reporting – provide reports of sites, inventory, contract, vendors, cost allocations per AP code and per location code, both on demand and scheduled
  • Also assist team members with administrative reports such as time reports, expense reports, payroll reports, etc
  • Network Optimization – using questions uncovered during audits and physical inventories, assists appropriate team members in ensuring that the services installed and billed for are the best services to be used for the installed applications
  • Training & Certification - Maintains in-depth knowledge and current certification in data/voice technologies including but not limited to vendor certifications
  • Performs other duties as assigned 


  • High School Diploma

Work Type: 

Full Time

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Telecommunications Specialist I