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System Analyst I


CHRISTUS System Office


General Operations


CHRISTUS Corp Irving Offices 919 and 909 Buildings


919 Hidden Ridge
Irving, TX  75038
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The System Analyst I assists in providing computer operations administration and support for the system environments, helpdesk and desktop support to end-users, availability and access to computer systems and databases, and management of data flow in all systems. The System Analyst I, with supervision, is responsible for the maintenance of TLRA’s systems environment by participating and providing technical skills in activities related to the support of database administration, system availability, system security, data integrity, system performance and capacity monitoring with assistance from the TLRA System Administrator. This is done through special projects, interfaces, software installs, and problem resolution at the direction and with the supervision of the TLRA IM Manager. The System Analyst assists in delivering high quality, cost effective solutions to all levels of users. This includes support for both the technology and processes. The System Analyst I is also responsible for supporting the business goals and objectives for TLRA, the Information Management unit, and the organization as a whole.

  • Responsible for assisting in administering, monitoring, and troubleshooting all systems software and hardware on all servers, including the ASPECT Dialer system, CUBS, ACCULOGIC, and Lytec.
  • Assist in the application support of CUBS, ASPECT Dialer system, ACCULOGIC, and Lytec, which includes performing upgrades and maintenance as needed and run diagnostics as scheduled or required.
  • As it relates to CUBS and the ASPECT Dialer system, review and monitor logs to ensure automated work processes have occurred timely and accurately, and assist in the development and enhancement as related to system procedures and processes.
  • As it relates to the ASPECT Dialer system, responsible for troubleshooting issues related to inbound and outbound calling
  • Responsible for computer operations related to the CUBS server, peripherals, and system consoles, which includes scheduling, executing, and monitoring computer processes and job runs.
  • Perform back up and restore procedures, shutdown and recycle procedures, and purge procedures.
  • Provide support for data transfer using the LAN/WAN (ASPECT Dialer system, CUBS, file transfers).
  • Execute interface processes timely and accurately including reconciliation of data received and processed.
  • Provide administrative backup for the UNIX O/S, Windows2000 server O/S, and Windows2003 server O/S running CUBS, the ASPECT Dialer, ACCULOGIC, and Lytec applications.
  • Provide helpdesk and desktop support by documenting problems and/or requests for customer assistance, analyze reported problems and work with customers and vendor support to resolve problems as they occur.
  • Responsible for technical support, which includes the setup and configuration of new devices, maintaining optimal system and application utilization, assisting in performing upgrades as needed, performing maintenance, and running diagnostics as scheduled or required.
  • Develop and maintain necessary skills to provide customers with varying levels of application and hardware support.
  • Assist in creating, updating, and managing process and procedure documentation.
  • Serve as a liaison between the customer and vendor to define application needs and/or determine problems.
  • Project management, development, and facilitation of timely project completion.
  • Coordinate vendor maintenance.
  • Provide assistance in Associate training on applications and hardware as it relates to TLRA.
  • Provide assistance with equipment setup for special events.
  • Monitor operational supplies and order as needed, including PC’s, phones, headsets, printers, fax machines, and any other equipment needs.


  • Associate Degree

Work Type: 

Full Time

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System Analyst I