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CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic - Physician Vice President - Ministry Medical Director


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CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic - Physician Vice President - Ministry Medical Director Job in Longview

Job Description

CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic

Physician Vice President - Ministry Medical Director - Longview

Position Summary:

The Vice President serves as the senior CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic physician leader for the Ministry. He/she partners directly with the Ministry Hospital President to develop strategic direction for the Ministry & develop/grow relationships with independent providers as well as employed providers. This individual will also oversee all activities of our employed physicians and APCs, in partnership with CTC’s Vice President of Operations for the Ministry. He/she will be responsible for provider communication, working collaboratively with the CMO and Physician Directors of Operations. The Vice President will also have a weekly clinical component in which they practice medicine and see patients.


The CTC Physician Vice President works collaboratively with the Ministry President and reports to the Clinic President. Direct reports include the Physician Director of Operations and Clinic Department Chiefs, as applicable.


The CTC Physician Vice President, with their dyad partner, will work on and participate in discussions regarding any strategic, financialbusiness, clinical, or administrative arrangements related to their Ministry. This includes marketing, operations, recruiting & credentialing, management of contractual relationships, professional/technical fee billing, and financial management.


To actively participate in regularly scheduled meetings that requires the attendance of the Physician Vice President. Regularly communicate & collaborate with Clinic Administration as well as key hospital leadership. Meet regularly with local and regional physician leaders and their directors or managers and to disseminate information and bring their concerns back to administration. This includes sharing system goals, reviewing material from Institute Chair or Operational meetings and reviewing service line metrics and addressing hospital or clinic issues and identifying variances and potential solutions. Additionally, be an available resource and role model for all of those within the department.

Operations Management:

1.He/she with their dyad partner, work in collaboration with key hospital and regional leadership to serve in a key leadership role in shaping the strategic direction and operational imperatives of the Institute or Ministry.

2.With dyad partner, work with clinic administrators (Ops Directors, Office managers, Practice supervisors) and physician leaders (Chief/Leads) to identify the resources and opportunities and reduce barriers to achieve key clinical operational and performance goals, including, but not limited to access, productivity, patient experience and clinical quality goals.

3.Facilitate and lead effective two-way communication between all the above groups and front line clinicians to provide clarity of current performance and challenges and identify strategic initiatives to meet CHRISTUS’ mission and enhance our culture of physician leadership.

Financial Management:

1.Monitor costs, income, staffing, space requirements, and standards of care such that the goals and objectives of the Institute are attained and that steps are taken to improve performance.

2.Ensure that the Ministry is meeting or exceeding financial forecasts.

3.Oversee the Clinic’s operating and capital budgets and hold accountability for meeting approved budgets.

4.Recommend and implement approved changes in the fiscal plans of the Clinic in response to revenue or expense variances and operational changes to assure a sound overall financial position.


1.Provide direction and oversight of recruitment, mentoring, onboarding, assimilation, and retention of physicians and advanced practice clinicians.

2.Select, train, develop, and evaluate clinicians and initiate personnel actions in accordance with values-based decision-making, the Physicians Principles of Practice, and human resource policies.

3.Develop and execute strategic growth plans to expand the institutes clinical services to the community.

4.Be aware and communicate the needs of the institute regarding other specialized services and assist in developing timely and effective referral process.

5.Develop CHRISTUS’ brand as a unified physician-led organization for both internal and external marketing.

6.Seek opportunities to strengthen relationship and collaboration with CHRISTUS hospital system partners.


  1. Develop, implement, and maintain a "patient/referring physician/customer service" focus.

2.Coordinate patient management workflows across all care sites to minimize fragmentation of care with focus on transitions and continuity of care along with access and timely referrals.

3.Ensure utilization of resources and appropriate staffing are available to provide consistent, reliable, high quality care.

4.Work with administrative and physician leaders to develop strategies and action steps to reach service and experience goals and provide feedback and communicate plans with front line clinicians and staff.


  1. Provide direction and leadership in the implementation and application of appropriate policies and procedures and standards of care.

2.Assist in maintaining established CHRISTUS Health and clinic policies and procedures, including those related to overall objectives, quality assurance, safety, and infection control.

3. Develop new or identify and correct deficient departmental practice guidelines, policies, protocols and methodologies for patient care.

4. Communicate any changes to department policies and procedure and ensure members are adopting and following them.

5.Work with the corporate compliance officer to assure compliance with all regulations, accreditation, and CHRISTUS policies and standards.

6.In concert with CHRISTUS Risk Management, work with the Institute’s providers to develop risk reduction strategies.

7.Track outcomes and trends and seek out input regarding improvement in quality processes and outcomes.

8.Develop, maintain and utilize effective benchmarking system for the Institute based on the best practices (using benchmarks from such organizations as HealthGrades, MGMA)

9.Ensure that each clinic operates efficiently & achieves productivity and quality targets while focusing on an environment of “no harm”.

10.Respond to complaints and resolve issues or problems that lead to the complaints.


1.Annually evaluate physician leaders, providing coaching, mentorship and leadership development.

2.Provide monthly feedback to chiefs and/or lead physicians about performance.

3.Provide recognition of positive outcomes to physician leaders as well as to individuals within the clinics.

4.Meet with clinicians to provide timely feedback to address and resolve performance issues related to non-compliance of clinic policies and/or procedures. When necessary have “courageous conversations”, perform work improvement plans (WIP) and if needed refer to Physician Standards Committee.

5. Oversee the professional conduct of the clinicians within the Ministry. This includes supervising and managing professional activities and behaviors to ensure unbiased, accessible, efficient patient care.

6.Promoting an environment that encourages high-performance teams and allows members to ask questions and raise concerns.

7.Attend training at least once a year to expand knowledge of leadership skills, communication, quality or fiscal/financial management.

8.Be familiar with and execute Physician Principles of Practice.


1.Share aligned CHRISTUS professional values and can communicate these values as well as the system goals

2.Support clinic initiatives by participating with administration in their development and with regional physicians as an advocate.

3.Treat all team members fairly and respectfully.

4.Lead two-way communication between physician leaders, front line clinicians and senior leadership.

5.Senior leadership about current trends, problems and activities in the medical field to facilitate policy-making.

6.Provides clarity about direction and strategy of CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic to physician leaders.

7.Communicate System & clinic performance, new initiatives to clinic providers & staff in context

8.Facilitate regular team meetings (at least monthly) to communicate performance of clinic, identify & implement opportunities for improvement

9.Seek input and surfacing resistance/concerns, revising plans based on input from on-site physicians and from staff involved in the work.

10.Holds clinic leads accountable for doing what they committed to do and for the outcomes and initiatives at the clinic

11.Tracks service outcomes and shares information and interpretation with clinic leads and other physicians and staff

Measures of Performance:

The following are potential key performance indicators (KPI’s) to monitor success.

- Patient Satisfaction: Achieving 65th Percentile or higher

- Access Report: New patient access less than 7 days

- Open Provider Panel: 50% or greater by location

- Productivity RVU's: 65thpercentile target

- Quality Dashboard: Per quality goal

- Associate engagement: 72% or greater

- In-basket management: No more than 20 items

- Referral Management Target 90% internal

- Profit Loss Meets MOB budget


Medical School graduate with a Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy degree from an approved medical school, or possession of Standard Certificates as issued by the Educational Council for Foreign Medical Graduates. Possesses an active, unrestricted medical license in the state of practice and be Board Certification by American Board of Medical Specialties or equivalent. Have five (5) years or greater leadership experience in a multispecialty medical group.


Meghan Hill

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CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic - Physician Vice President - Ministry Medical Director